The MoDa Story

This Movement Database is part of the M+M: Movement + Meaning Middleware project, which is intended to enable researchers to construct meaningful semantic models for movement that can interpret human movement data, construct machine-learning models for movement recognition and movement analytics, represent semantic properties of movement behaviours for virtual avatars in online games and online performance, and map movement data as a controller for online navigation, collaboration, distributed performance and as input to search engines that can recognize and tag existing movement databases.

The M+M: Movement + Meaning Middleware project is a collaboration between Simon Fraser University at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology in partnership with Credo Interactive, an SME developing animation and choreographic software for human movement, and H+Technologies, creators of customizable intuitive gesture based systems & holographic displays. The M+M: Movement + Meaning middleware will also be utilized in the team of researchers that are supported by the SSHRC international partnership entitled MovingStories: Digital tools for movement, meaning and interaction.