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Name Description Institute Movement Groups Sensors Access
Affective Motion Graph Movements that correspond a motion graph with valence/arousal affective modulations Simon Fraser University 8 Walk, Free Improvisation, Hug, Improvisation - Facing, Improvisation - Static, Lie Down, Sharp Walk, Sitting-Pointing, Sitting Vicon Mocap, Video
Effort-Bea-Cube Effort and Basic Effort Actions in Laban Diagonal Scale Simon Fraser University diagonal_BEA, diagonal_Efforts, diagonal_ActionDrives, diagonal_Neutral Audio, Kinect, Vicon Mocap, 6 Axes accelerometers and gyroscopes, EMG, Video
Eye Tracking Study Sequences of pair of movements that have three distinct actions manipulated in Space, Shape, and Time. Simon Fraser University Shape, Space, Time, No Difference Vicon Mocap, Video
Grooving Free form choreography that explores different movement styles Simon Fraser University Grooving Video camera, Audio, Vicon Mocap
Knocking and Direction Gestures with Variation form LMA This is a multi-modal recording of Knocking and Direction Gestures to which we applied single variation in terms of Space, Effort, Shape and Phrasing form Laban Movement Analysis Simon Fraser University Direction, Knocking Vicon Mocap, Video